Empowering Small Businesses and Startups: OneCFO’s Journey from Zero to One

Empowering Small Businesses and Startups: OneCFO’s Journey from Zero to One

December 14, 2023 | 3:37 pm

The Beginning

In November 2022, OneCFO embarked on its official journey. Our goal was straightforward: empower small businesses and startups with top-notch financial expertise and tech-enabled services. What happened in our first year exceeded our expectations, showing that our simple dream was turning into a promising reality.

At the core of OneCFO’s journey are our visionary founders, Jay Olos and Lim Cornejo, seasoned finance and accounting professionals with vast exposure in the SME and startup world.

They recognized a crucial need and laid the foundation for OneCFO’s fractional CFO services - a dynamic approach tailored for small business owners and startup founders who dream big but require superb financial services and technology way beyond the usual accounting and tax services that traditional firms are providing.

What sets OneCFO apart is our dedication to delivering tech-powered solutions and unsurpassed finance savviness and creativity tailored to every client. We understand the unique challenges small business owners and startup founders face, and our services are meticulously crafted to address these challenges efficiently and precisely.

Our mission goes beyond conventional financial services - it’s about democratizing access to cutting-edge technology and financial expertise. We’re not just number crunchers but dream enablers, transforming business ideas into sustainable and viable realities.

Since its inception, OneCFO has grown from two clients to serving close to 60 client engagements in less than a year. Beyond streamlining bookkeeping and tax processes, we provide invaluable CFO-level insights and strategies, ensuring our clients survive and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Many business owners have experienced the transformative impact of OneCFO, simplifying their finances, maximizing profits and cash flows, and propelling their businesses with cost-effective solutions.

Our rapid growth, though unexpected, reflects the tangible value we bring to real people seeking accessible, affordable, and top-level financial management services.

Expanding Horizons

As a celebration of our success, we’ve established a vibrant hub in the heart of the city. This new office space serves as a center for honing our team’s expertise and as a venue to cater to more businesses because their success is undeniably intertwined with ours.

In an exciting expansion move, we inaugurated our first office in Southeast Asia on November 24, a space we proudly share with our esteemed affiliate, LabLog.

Lablog’s Founder and CEO, Hiroka Lee, was ecstatic to share space with OneCFO and expressed her enthusiasm for collaborating with Jay and his team.

Hiroka expressed her hope during the office blessing when she and her Board first met Jay, “How do we onboard Jay on our team? We want him to be by our side.” Her wish came true, and her positive experience stands as proof of the value that OneCFO brings to its clients.

OneCFO App: Revolutionizing Financial Information

In a bid to continuously provide top-notch financial services, opening our doors to more businesses continues beyond having an office space.

“We’re developing an app - the Canva of financial information - to simplify and democratize access to crucial financial insights,” said Jay.

An image of a Founder and CEO showing the elements of an app

Imagine having your virtual finance department in the cloud - that’s the OneCFO app in a nutshell.

Unlike your typical accounting platform, the OneCFO app is a game-changer. This one-stop hub integrates all your finance tools into a seamless platform. With a single tap, you can effortlessly generate valuable reports and analyses tailored for SMEs and startups in specific industries.

Breaking financial barriers

As Jay welcomed distinguished guests to our office, he unfolded the backstory of the OneCFO app, which is very close to his heart. “This app emerged from our parents’ failed entrepreneurial journey,” he said. They were microentrepreneurs with dreams of business expansion but struggled to secure capital.

Securing capital entails providing financial statements to show your business’s performance, a challenge many small business owners face. They have to rely manually upon an accountant to craft statements that may not truly reflect the business’s financial health.

Yet another challenge for small business owners emerges after securing funding - a lack of financial discipline. The truth is, not all the capital finds its way into the business; some ends up being used for personal needs. This dual purpose makes repaying the loan even more daunting.

Out of these challenges, OneCFO conceived an app complimenting its tech-enabled services to dismantle financial barriers confronted by small business owners and startup founders.

What does the OneCFO app offer?

Think of it as your Canva or Microsoft for financial professional services—no more digging through emails and files. Instantly generate comprehensive financial reports and eliminate unnecessary hassle due to manual dependencies.

An image showing a financial app feature

Processing your tax returns, payroll, budgets, and finance reports is just a click away with our user-friendly interface.

With the OneCFO app, you can generate detailed reports on demand, export them effortlessly, and share them seamlessly with your management and investors, all at your fingertips and whenever you need them.

But that’s not all - the app goes beyond mere numbers. Engage with your team and clients in a live and secure chat window. Upload supporting documents effortlessly, ensuring easy access and organization of your financial files.

In essence, the OneCFO app streamlines financial processes and facilitates effective communication and document management, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by small business owners and startup founders.

Empower your business with the OneCFO advantage

In the realm of business empowerment, the OneCFO app stands out as a revolutionary force, reshaping the landscape of financial management, particularly for millions of small businesses worldwide. It's not just another accounting platform; it's a trailblazer, bridging the gap between accounting systems and financial analytics.

The OneCFO app is your app to access real-time financial data, providing the insights you need for informed, data-backed decisions.

Empower your business with the OneCFO app, where financial management meets innovation. It’s like having your CFO in your pocket, providing accurate data and insights at the click of a button.

Let the future of financial management begin now!

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