5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs OneCFO

By Maric De Castro

November 28, 2022 | 1:06 pm

OneCFO is your one-stop platform for all things finance. Focus on your core business while OneCFO takes financial management under its wing.

They provide the luxury of having all your financial data on one secured platform. With this, your business optimizes financial strategies, faces challenges, and accelerates growth with accessible financial statements - anytime, anywhere.

Who needs outsourced CFO services?

Are you a start-up founder who needs navigation on taxes and accounting work? Or need help in financial valuation, projections, and even fundraising? OneCFO has your back.

Investors need to see beyond the numbers and know that the founder's report is precise and verified. With the help of OneCFO, the company’s financials are transparent and done objectively.

Early-stage startups and small businesses need not have a full-time CFO as they grow their business. OneCFO offers the best possible solutions for managing the financial aspect of the business remotely.

Why OneCFO?

OneCFO is the go-to financial platform for start-ups and small businesses across Southeast Asia. The platform provides excellent, reliable, tech-enabled CFO, bookkeeping, tax compliance, and payroll services.

1. Backed by Highly-qualified Professionals

Behind OneCFO are co-founders and founding team members of successful startups in the region.

At the helm is Jay Olos, whose exemplary finance background has helped various start-up companies in Southeast Asia from the ground up. His extensive CFO experiences help provide strategic financial advisory beneficial to startups and small businesses.

Furthermore, as a startup co-founder and investor, Jay knows companies' challenges from inception until exit. He has poured his experiences into ensuring that the platform answers all the financial requirements of businesses.

If it is fundraising that you are looking for, Jay was part of the team instrumental in raising funds for the Philippines’ first tech unicorn, GCash. He also has lent his knowledge and skills to growing startups like Paymongo, Money Max, and Hyphen Group, Southeast Asia’s leading digital platform.

These stellar credentials and OneCFO’s team of finance and accounting experts are valuable additions to any business. Take advantage of professionals with years of experience in the day-to-day running of the business’ finance department.

2. Financial Advisory at its Best

At OneCFO, they offer valuable insights and advice from a full-time CFO. The team fully understands the challenges of launching, running, and growing a business. So, companies avoid the pitfalls of financial management.

Business owners can take advantage of the team’s wealth of experience in finance, accounting, and tax management to ensure the business's financial health.

In addition, they share the best practices and processes proven to improve efficiency and avoid mistakes as your business grows.

Get unbiased and honest financial advisory as well. The team helps management make strategic decisions to overcome economic challenges and maximize growth potential.

3. Dedicated Professional Support

The OneCFO platform has dedicated finance and accounting professionals with whom clients can interact during business hours.

Clients also get accurate and reliable financial reports regularly. Moreover, these reports and other pertinent information are easily accessible on the platform.

This platform lessens the waiting time for the accountant to finish manual bookkeeping. You get vital information anytime on the platform to hasten business decisions.

4. Fully Automated Reporting

To streamline processes, OneCFO provides financial information in real-time - profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and cash flow.

They utilize tools to deliver the solutions that best meet your needs. How one access allows you to connect multiple systems sets them apart.

OneCFO provides quick and easy-to-use accounting software that connects your payroll, cash flow, and all financial-related activities. There will be a significant reduction in using various software that does not talk with each other.

Furthermore, OneCFO customizes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your business requirements. Businesses then get financial reports that are relevant and accurate.

Take advantage of the online processing of tax payments, business fees, and government benefits as the government gears toward online payments.

5. Save on Costs

At OneCFO, they understand that finances are challenging when starting a business. Hiring an in-house CFO is costly for small businesses and start-ups.

With OneCFO’s monthly subscription fee, take advantage of high-level financial insights and advisory. The cost of doing this is lower than hiring a full-time CFO.

Services are also scalable as your business grows. Add on more tech-enabled services as the need arises to save up on start-up costs.

One of a Kind CFO Services

As a whole, OneCFO keeps business solutions simple - no complicated tools, and the focus is on increasing efficiency. The plug-and-play platform lessens the time to make reports and monitor the business’ financials.

You can get better value by subscribing to the OneCFO suite platform. Optimize the fully automated CFO services to streamline your business process and experience exponential growth in your business.

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